Peony by Corinna. W, 2020, Beijing, China

A word about the photographer| Corinna. W, if not THE one, definitely one of the best of us. A few of her favorite pastimes are indeed watching blossoms, taking photographs of them, and reading.
Mall, by Uncle Poet, 2020, Vancouver, Canada

A word about the photographer| Uncle Poet was a full-blooded young poet who served as a civil servant his whole career life, well not as a poet…to be clear. He loves a beer, a trip to the wilderness, yet never spoke much… more about Uncle Poet and his quirky pastimes in the upcoming stories…
Empty Diner by Uncle Chatty, Chengdu, China, 2020

A word about the photographer| Uncle Chatty, I know, I’ll explain in later blogs about the average number of uncles that we all have… who worked as an entertainer and taught me the fun structure of a dramatic chit-chat.
Ski Resort by Yo, Northern China, 2020

A word about the photographer| Yo, a beautiful professional photographer who once believed in her art when nobody else did, and who’s apparently made it to the top of China! More about her unique story and work in the upcoming posts.

Little Girl, by Lee.Wending Village, Yunnan, 2016
A word about the photographer | Lee, light-hearted northeastern explorer who is a lot like me, away from home, yet he’s taken it even further and actually ventured out into the wild world of Africa, where National Geographic sceneries no more exist only in the magazines or tablets, they are right there before him.

“You can sew almost anything into the canvas of a coat…”

Reynolds Woodcock, in Phantom Thread

“China is too big a country, and her national life has too many facets for her not to be open to the most diverse interpretations, I can lay bare her troubles because I have not lost hope.”
Dr. Yutang, LIN

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